Dropout to Dean’s List–What’s Coming! Life Purpose (Part 1)

DROPOUT TO DEAN'S LIST--WHAT'S  COMING (Part 1) Life Purpose The other day, I told you about my house move and explained why I haven’t been posting for months. We moved house and city, and it took almost forever! We are still renovating. I’m trying to get back to normal; but, for example, we have … [Read more...]

At-risk students. False and real reasons for failure.

At-risk students Students give various reasons for failing at school, dropping out or otherwise being at-risk for those things. WHAT ARE THE FALSE "REASONS" FOR  STUDENT FAILURE?    1. "I'm stupid." 2. The teacher hates me. 3. I was never any good at school. 4. etc. Wrong. Students make … [Read more...]

Escaping the Community-College Trap

Escaping the Community-College Trap. More than half of community-college students never earn a degree. Ann Hulbert, writing in The Atlantic, offers some ideas on how to fix that. Photo by Mike McQuade in The Atlantic "Daquan McGee got out of jail," she writes,  then he got accepted to  a community … [Read more...]