SELF-KNOWLEDGE COLLEGE IS ABOUT YOU. There are three things that trouble people most these days: SELF (figuring out who they are and what they want) TIME (and time management) and LOVE (or the lack of it). Our readers on The Daley Post tell us, and our own research confirms, that while other … [Read more...]

Free community college for students? Maybe not. Maybe with strings.

FREE COMMUNITY COLLEGE FOR STUDENTS? MAYBE NOT. Maybe with strings attached. Further to the Obama idea of providing free education to college students,  Carol J. Carter has some excellent points in The Huffington Post. The piece was co-written by Sarah Lyman Kravits and Maureen Breeze. The … [Read more...]


DROPOUT TO DEAN'S LIST A DIVISION OF SELF-KNOWLEDGE COLLEGE ( Note: we are in the middle of changing this page. The gift I promise you will be available asap as soon as we integrate it with this page.)   My name is Frank Daley If you have a problem with school  that is driving you crazy... If … [Read more...]

Fidgety boys and how they learn.

Fidgety boys: how they learn. Here are some examples of Letters to the Editor of the NYTimes on David Leonhardt's piece,  A Link between fidgety boys and a sputtering economy First, Mr Leonhardt's piece:  “A Link Between Fidgety Boys and a Sputtering Economy,” by David Leonhardt (The Upshot, April … [Read more...]

Fidgety boys, school and achievement. How to get help.

Fidgety boys, school and achievement Aspbergers, ADHD, ADD, Tourettes, autism...the list is endless. We are bombarded with information (but not much help) for boys (and girls) who suffer from these sociological, psychological,  mental, "conditions." They confound parents, experts, teachers and the … [Read more...]

Teachers Tell Us How to Fix Science and Math

There was some good news today for New York City high school students interested in computers--the city's Department of Education announced it would spend $1 million in public and private money to train 120 teachers in computer science and coding. Dozens of new computer science classes taught by … [Read more...]

American students perform poorly

Even Gifted Students Can’t Keep Up In Math and Science, the Best Fend for Themselves "Advancements in science and engineering have extended life, employed millions and accounted for more than half of American economic growth since World War II, but they are slowing. The nation has to enlarge its … [Read more...]

Fixing math and science for today’s students

Teachers Tell Us How to Fix Science and Math  "Only 19 percent of American high school students have taken a computer science course. Many students who might have excellent coding abilities are never exposed to the subject, missing out on promising career paths. That’s often because teachers … [Read more...]

The US and Canada are screwing up school. We have to do better!

The US and Canada are screwing up school. We have to do better! This story in Policy Mic is true, alarming and indefensible. It simply cannot go on on this scale. While worse for the U.S., we have nothing to be proud of in Canada. I'll prepare a piece on the Canadian situation shortly. You … [Read more...]

Dropout to Dean’s List is open!

I can help you be a great student. Having trouble in school? Thinking of dropping out? This place is for you if you... Dropped out of any kind of school Switched programs and are still unhappy Don't know what program to enter Don't know what to do about school at all Are failing or are … [Read more...]