The Self Part 7: Are you “selfish” in the family? Or preserving your sanity.

ARE YOU SELFISH OR SANE? Is it selfish or sane to ever consider yourself ahead of  your family? (This is no 7 in our series on SELF.) The last time we tried to define selfishness. Today, we’ll look at what some people say is selfish behavior  in the family. Is  your behavior in your family … [Read more...]

The Self Part 5: Selfish vs Selfless (in women)

“SELFISH” VS. “SELFLESS” This is Part 5 in a series of articles about the “Self.” We’re talking about the self here. (This is one in a continuing series of articles about the Self. If you would like to read more on the Self, please see the links to other posts below). We introduce the … [Read more...]

The Self Part 2: Searching for yourself? Flying blind?

Need a new search party? Try you! When children play Hide and Seek, at least the searchers know who they’re looking for. Do we know who we’re searching for when we’re looking for ourselves? Not usually. Which means we’re flying, or searching, blind Because if we don’t know what we’re looking … [Read more...]

The Self Part 1: Do You Find Yourself or Create it?

AND WHY BOTHER ANYWAY? We joked the other day about “finding ourselves.” MANY EXPERTS ADVISE US TO “FIND OURSELVES.” But the philosopher Thomas Szasz and the writer George Bernard Shaw both say, “The self is not something one finds: it is something one creates.” What? S#*! Many wise … [Read more...]

SELFISHNESS. Always wrong? Or can it be a form of self-preservation?

Is selfishness always wrong? Are there good kinds of selfishness? Can it be a form of self-preservation? Does it depend on our definition of selfishness? This is part 8 in our series on the Self and its … [Read more...]

Self-discovery without Self-Viagra. Absent good parents you’ll need it.

Self-discovery without Self-Viagra. Absent good parents you'll need it. We're discussing finding and/or creating your Self. Number six in the series on SELF: POTENCY AND ACT. (FOR THE EARLIER POSTS IN THE SERIES PLEASE SEE BELOW.) HERE'S A LIST AND LINKS TO THE PREVIOUS SIX POSTS IN THE … [Read more...]

How to cope with anxiety from an expert

How to cope with anxiety--from an expert. Scott Stossel, editor of The Atlantic, is a long-time sufferer of anxiety. In a piece called Surviving Anxiety he writes about holding down a high-profile, high pressure job while being anxious about...well a lot! (Photo: Jamie Chung) Stossel … [Read more...]

SELF-CONFIDENCE. Is being insecure an advantage in dating?

IS BEING INSECURE AN ADVANTAGE IN DATING?  Maybe, says recent research. However, many aren’t buying the study’s results.  Are you more likely to get dates if you are self-confident or insecure? This seems like a no-brainer, right? Conventional wisdom says self-confidence is a key in dating (as in … [Read more...]


BE YOURSELF--EVERYBODY ELSE IS TAKEN. GREAT ADVICE, UNLESS YOU DON'T KNOW YOURSELF. -Oscar Wilde, playwright. Oscar Wilde’s instruction to "be yourself"  is terrific unless you haven’t a clue as to who you really are. Then you’re up the proverbial creek. We have to know who we are to be happy … [Read more...]


LOVE YOURSELF FIRST OR YOU CAN'T LOVE ANYONE ELSE   IF  YOU ARE A  YOUNG PERSON, LOVE IS AN IMPORTANT TOPIC.  You have either been in love, ARE in love or wish you were in love. Or maybe you don't really know what love is! That is more likely! I am always in love but love starts with yourself.” … [Read more...]