Self-Knowledge College: WHAT’S COMING! (Part 1 of 2)

Self-Knowledge College:  WHAT’S COMING!  

Yesterday, I told you about my house move and explained why I haven’t been posting for months.

Today, I’ll tell you what’s coming to Self-Knowledge College.

I’ll address the most difficult problems people are suffering from. In two parts.


Today: Part 1. Self-knowledge, work, and success


The subject of Self-knowledge is enormous, and while people have many kinds of problems that connect fundamentally to the self (including time management, procrastination, self-esteem, self-confidence, etc.), two BIGGER areas keep spiking: Life Purpose and Love.


The difficulty of finding your life purpose.

It has to do with our work.

That is, why are we here? What is our purpose in life?)

If we get to know that, (and most people never do) what should our career be? Our work?

What should we be doing to use the best of our gifts, talents, and attributes?

The question is, ‘What do I want to be when I grow up!’

And even if you are older, it is NOT too late to ask and answer that question.

I am working on this one-on-one with people on that very question.

The way to establish this is through Self-Knowledge.

  • It isn’t simple, but it’s easy, fun and exciting because it is all about you.
  • It’s about knowing your real self and acting on that knowledge.
  • It’s about opening up all those ideas and dreams you had that were (perhaps) stultified or suppressed because life got in the way.

More about this soon.

Soon, Part 2. Finding Love in all the RIGHT places!

I’ll introduce the other big problem people are having that can be addressed well through Self-Knowledge: Love.



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