Dropout to Dean’s List–What’s Coming! Life Purpose (Part 1)


The other day, I told you about my house move and explained why I haven’t been posting for months.

We moved house and city, and it took almost forever! We are still renovating.

I’m trying to get back to normal; but, for example, we have been without a regular landline telephone for  12 days as I write this.
And I lost my cell ‘phone in the move.
Don’t ask!

Now, I’ll tell you what’s coming on Dropout To Dean’s List.

I’ll address the most difficult problems students (and their parents) suffer from over the next weeks.

In two parts.


Today: Part 1. Self-knowledge and Your Education and career.


The subject of Self-knowledge is enormous;  people have many kinds of problems that connect fundamentally to the self, (including time management, procrastination, self-esteem, self-confidence, etc.),

But two BIGGER  areas keep spiking for students.



A massive problem for many is difficulty with finding your life purpose.

That is, why are we here? What is our purpose in life?
It has to do with our work.

If we get to know our life purpose (most people never do), then what?

  • What should our work be?
  • What career or job will achieve that purpose?
  • What should we be doing with our lives to use our gifts, talents, and attributes?

The age-old question is, ‘What do I want to be when I grow up!’

You have probably heard an uncle saying that at a party and he’s over 60!
That’s because it is so darn hard to figure out when you are young and you don’t know your rear end from 2nd base!

It’s OK, it is not your fault; there is no reason you should know at your age exactly what you want to be doing when you are 45.

Especially these days, when the evidence tells us we’ll  have three or four different careers during our lifetime.

  • But you should have self-knowledge.
  • You should have a hint, an inclination.
  • You should know the general area you want to be playing in.

Even though you are young, it is NOT too early to ask and answer that question.

You are probably still in school, (or temporarily out of it) but you may also be working part-time.

That part-time job is unlikely to be your life’s work.

You have to figure out what you want to do later in life but there is another step before you can get to that.

‘Later’ is coming up fast and going into the right educational program for what it is you want to do is critical.

  • If you are extremely unusual, you know already.
  • If you are lucky, you know the general area of your interests and abilities.
  • Not many people even know that.

(Seven out of 10 college students change programs once there!)

That can cost time, frustration and money.

I can help.

(I’ll tell you about one-on-one academic advisement later.)


The key, for most people, is to try to keep those careers under an umbrella that uses our bests gifts, talents ad and abilities.

There will be times when we find ourselves in jobs that are NOT suited to our talents.

We take those jobs for many reasons:

  • part-time work
  • work when we are in school
  • work we think we might like
  • work somebody suggested we do
  • work we take on because we need the money–financial obligations.

I am exploring this question one-on-one with students.

I can help you too. 

(Email me here if you are interested in a free discussion of your situation.)

(Parents, please consider doing this too.  I realize this is a delicate situation.)


I have a way of establishing this through Self-Knowledge.

When you get to know who you are and what you want, this gets easy!

  • It isn’t simple, but it is easy, fun and exciting because it is all about you.
  • It’s about knowing your real self and acting on that knowledge.
  • It’s about opening up all those ideas and dreams you have that were (perhaps) stultified or suppressed because your education or family life got in the way.

In your case, it’s a question (even if you don’t know yet what you want to be when you grow up) of what kind of further education you want or need after high school (to get to your career goal).


You are probably either in senior high school or early college (or you are considering college or university or some other kind of post-secondary education) because you know you can be better and you know damn well you can’t be better unless you get some education.
And high school ain’t going to cut it.


OR, you have dropped out of school, or are considering dropping out because you feel frustrated there for whatever reason.

I get it. I dropped out too.

There are many reasons why people don’t get along well in high school.

But that doesn’t mean you are dumb or uninterested in life.

I dropped out after high school for a year. It can be a good thing. I’ll tell you about that soon.

But in dealing with this first critical question is necessary for you to succeed in life, your education or your future.

That’s the first big question I’m helping students deal with at Dropout to Dean’s List.

The second big problem students have is choosing a college program.
Or, university; or any other kind of educational program.


(But, as you can see, the questions are seriously connected.)

I have some good news on how to choose the right program.
For you!

It involves self-knowledge.


(Or, university, or the military, or other kinds of specialty schools such as those in computers, the arts, etc.)
It doesn’t matter which kind–the only thing that matters is that it matches your talents, interests, aptitudes, and gifts and that you love it!

We’ll start that discussion next time.

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