How to promote your book. Free book, free process!


Writers, here’s my book on how to promote your work free on Facebook author and reader group sites.

The book is free.

The process is free and it’s stress-free!

OK, you have to do a little work!


Promote your books free!

But all it takes is your time to promote your books!

And I’ve done the heavy lifting.

This will save you three + weeks of work searching for these sites yourself.

That took me 3.5 weeks.

And you can do this every time with every book.

Most writers aren’t rich. We need places to promote our work as economically as possible.

This does not mean you don’t have to do other kinds of book marketing but it’s a start.

With it, you can get some visibility, traction and reviews.

This does not bear thinking about.

Just do it.

(And, please write a review of it if you find it will help you. That would help me!)

Thank you.

(It will.)



Go get it!

5.0 out of 5 stars

This is a short book that is packed with a substantial amount of information that is extremely helpful and time-saving f

By Gloria Antypowich on December 23, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase


I really appreciate the time and effort that was put into compiling this handy resource for authors who are promoting their books on Facebook.

The clickable links to the different sites are a real time saver, and this book has already gone into my resources folder in the Kindle app on my computer. I can click on the links right from there.

I also appreciated the spreadsheet (Excel) that Frank Daley included.

It is set up for tracking where and when you have promoted your books, so you do not post too often, and you know exactly where you have posted.

I have already used many of the sites, but there were some that I had not thought of.

And when posting to many sites I found that eventually I could get confused about where I had already posted.

He also made me think about choosing sites where readers and authors will be interested in the genre you write in.

This, rather than putting a great deal of time into promoting on sites where most of the authors and readers prefer books different than yours.

For example, I write contemporary romance, so if most of the people who belong to the site prefer thrillers or paranormal, it will be harder to find people who will read my books. Because they’d be reading something that does not appeal to them.

Daley generously included bonuses that I appreciated.

I immediately sent an email to the link provided in the book to receive his upcoming book about How to Write Great Book Reviews.

This is a short book that is packed with a substantial amount of information that is extremely helpful and time-saving for any author who wants promote their books via Facebook group sites.

I highly recommend it.

Here it is!

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