Overlooked Secret To A Successful Marriage?

Overlooked secret to a successful marriage?

It ain’t what you’ve heard!
“Happy wife, happy life!”
Ever hear that? (I’ve seen it in jewler’s ads!~)bigstock-Happy-Couple-3018940-300x200
There’s a flaw in that statement if it means that one person is responsible for another’s happiness. 
It’s a common saying.
However, a recent Univ. of Chicago study suggests it’s the other way around– that men’s happiness is more important.
Don’t yuell atme!
The study says that women have suspected  that the happiness of a marriage is determined by the husband’s health and attitude-not the wife’s.
It examined married and cohabiting couples, ages 63 to 90, with an average relationship of 39 years.”




It’s probably closer to the truth that both members of the relationship should be happy.

But here’s the report!

Who “causes” happiness? 

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